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Golf Course475x319c.jpeg
The 8th Green from our Apartment

This week I am using the picture that I recently posted on the Almerimar Life blog that I have just set up with Sands. It is great to wake up to this view every morning, but for the last 6+ months the golf course has just been a mass of brown. At least now the grass is starting to grow on the greens which makes a lot of difference.

As you know a number of ‘guest contributors’ show up from time to time on the site. They are all keen photographers to say the least so Iam more than happy to share some of their pictures with you from time to time.

This week I have posted a couple of pictures from the desktops of Darren and Andie. Thanks to them, and hopefully you will enjoy them all.

Contributors Desktops



As you may or may not know I’ve just purchased a replacement camera, the new DMC-FX10. Packing a 2 gig SDHC card so I’m snapping like a maniac – because I can!

Being the proud father, I’m always snapping pics of little Ella-Flo. I love photography, I wouldn’t say I was an expert. But I have a good understanding. My 20yr old Pentax P30 SLR still works and I know all about f-stops etc. etc. pre-auto settings stuff.

This particular shot was taken at Ardingly Reservoir, West Sussex a few weeks ago. It turned out really nice, the composition, lighting all seems to work well. I would say that’s down to me – naturally. But strangely enough the upturn in what I class as ‘nice’ pictures has increased since the DMC-FX10 entered my life.

Any excuse to show off the ‘Next Generation’ of the Rolfe family.

So basically getting to the point, went off on a bit of a ramble. My desktop normally, 9 times out of 10 is a shot of Ella-Flo.





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