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Another one from the archives I am afraid. I have just not had time to get out and take any pictures this weekend. I have been busy showing my father around the PowerBook that is now his.

It has been fun, and he is certainly impressed with the ease of use, quality of the screen etc. As I post this he is busy importing and keywording his pictures into iPhoto.

One thing that I still need to address is a replacement for GWBASIC on the Mac, so any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Back to the picture – this was taken about 7.30pm back in April, on a slightly windy evening. I was looking along the beach, into the sun and just loved the three different contrasts in the picture. I haven’t done any photoshop or tidying up at all, so as ever any comments, thoughts, suggestions most welcome.

I didn’t even have time to ask Andie what she thought of this.

3 thoughts on “Current Desktop

  1. Andie Smith

    beautiful!!! these shots are hard to get “perfect” if you expose for the sand the water will be blown out, if you expose for the water (like here) the sand is a tad dark. I like this one! the sun reflection on the wet sand makes me miss FL.

  2. Jay

    Do you have an existing program written in GWBASIC you need to use, or is it merely for tinkering? Either way, you may have good luck porting the program over to Python, Ruby, or Perl so it will run on the Mac. A quick search on google shows that even Vista users may be having problems with GWBASIC with the solution being port it to a “newer” language such as C#.

    If you can provide some more information on the program that may help provide a better idea for what you may need.

    Nice pictures too.

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    It isn’t that ‘sophisticated’. My father is a mathematician and has developed many educational board games based on sports (soccer, american football, baseball) and other activities. They are all aimed at getting the young children to enjoy playing while at the same time understanding probability in their decision making.

    He has used GWBASIC for 30 odd years just to run large simulations, and he wants to be able to read those files on his Mac. I set him up with a Mac freeware BASIC application that will allow him to do new simulations ok ( but that doesn’t read the GWBASIC files.

    Am glad you like the picture – and thanks for the comment.

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