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I have a feeling that this weeks picture may come in for some heavy (constructive) criticism!

I am becoming fixated on close up photographs these days, especially ones that use a part of the overall image to ‘show’ the whole image. This was a bad subject to photograph in that a) the sun was making it melt, and b) Sands was wanting to eat it!! After a few attempts to get a good close up, and failing, I went for the picture below with the deliberate objective of cropping it in Photoshop. I am pretty pleased with the result, but more pleased with the way I ‘approached’ the shot. I remembered to check the histogram on the ones I took, and zoomed in on the camera LCD to get a ‘feel’ for how it would look.

Anyway – as ever comments welcome and appreciated!



Very much a spur of the moment decision, I was fighting time as the ice cream started to melt, and I couldn’t get a ‘good’ close up picture in the light – so I went for this shot with a view to editing it later!


I have uploaded the picture (1920 x 1200) so if you want to download it you can here.

3 thoughts on “Current Desktop

  1. Ben Drucker

    The lens must have had some kind of fog on it or something. If you look under the mint chocolate chip scoop, you see a slight haze. This would a good shot if it was ultra sharp. However, it seems that since you took the image from so far, the focus isn’t very good. Thumbs down on this one.

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    Man, that looks great! Very nice. One thing I noticed that looked odd to me, on the left hand side it looks like it’s a bit washed out? Is it a light reflection? Otherwise, my son says he wants one, which means you did a great job in bringing out the yumminess of it all. 🙂

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    I think Ben has it right with the lens, in that after I had taken the shot (and eaten the ice cream!) I noticed it was a little dirty and cleaned it. Wrong way round I know, but the whole thing was unplanned!!!

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