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I posted recently about the Lightroom Presets from Andie, and over the weekend I bought the full set. I wanted to check them out and as Monday is the day that I generally change my desktop picture what better time?

Stormy Beach.jpeg

Now the weather is usually good all year round in Almerimar, but if we get anything not so good it is generally strong winds – and that was the case this weekend. Couple that with all the work I wanted to do on my blog and the new Almerimar Life blog and I just didn’t get out with the camera.

Still the fact that it was windy reminded me of some pictures of the beach I took one evening in April. It was around 7 pm and windy. For those of you that use the presets fo Andie then this has been modified with KeyWest.

4 thoughts on “Current Desktop

  1. Darren Rolfe

    I am fascinated by other users desktop pictures. I would be really interesting to see what all the MyAppleStuff contributors currently have.

    How could we do this??

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