Day 1 Training

Best laid plans and all that! No longer had I posted the plans for the month then I realised that I had woken up with a headache, so like an idiot rather than go to bed I sat in from of various screens for hours upgrading to Leopard on two Macs, changing all my emails to IMAP accounts, and working on the new site with Tom.

I idn’t run during the day but in the evening thankfully a friend came down from Almeria so we went for a pretty quick 7km run which was exactly what I needed. Unfortunatley Sands and I then went out with him for a few drinks and Tapas.

The only good news is that I drank white wine rather than beer, and only had three – but not the best of starts it has to be said!

4 thoughts on “Day 1 Training

  1. jeremy

    I can only imagine what it is like not to have to go to work. The choice to do anything other than that is a luxury! Do you not have a daily routine?

  2. Chris Marshall

    Things have changed a bit recently. Probably more a case of working from home now with the new contracts I have started.

    I will do a seperate post in the New Year on the routine!

  3. jeremy

    I hope it is working out a little better now. I’ve not been able to play football for nearly a month now because of my ankle ligaments problem. It is more than frustrating

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    I have run a few times but basically have enjoyed Christmas and once New Year is done will start with a vengence.

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