DayChaser at $30 from econ is “the perfect tool for anyone who needs just a little more organization in their life”, or so they claim. DC_New2.0Quote-Bottom.jpg

Now personally I usually want more than “just a little more” for $30, living my life is tough enough without having to excessively organize it, and just what is wrong with iCal?

“DayChaser is a calendar and scheduling application that not only allows you to organize your personal time but can also organize your work habits. Sporting a very user friendly Mac OS X native user interface, DayChaser lets you create and manage multiple calendar documents simultaneously. Each calendar document contains its own unique set of scheduled entries and To-Do items that can be customized so your personal organizer is truly personal. Features such as repeating entries, customizable filters, user definable categories, color coded entries, customizable views, contextual menus, date range queries, automatic email generation, calendar/itinerary printing and executable tasks truly set DayChaser apart from other scheduling programs.”

So what I can hear you ask?

Well it does look nice(ish):


The To-Do items list is pretty neat, and it is compatible with iCal, “DayChaser is a lot like iCal®, in fact it is an iCal alternative. If you’re not satisfied with iCal then give DayChaser a try”. Now to be fair to them I am very satisfied with iCal. Maybe that is because I am only a year in to my Mac post Windows and I am just grateful that iCal isn’t Microsoft Outlook, but what more do you really want from a calendar?

DayChaser is fine, if you are into that type of thing. I just couldn’t really find any benefits that worked for me. It is well designed, has a neat interface (but not great) and is easy to use. Don’t let me put you off trying it out, just don’t blame me if you find yourself sticking to iCal – I did.

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