Diary of a Vegan Cricketer (Week Six)

Six weeks in and have only played one league game, and I can’t buy a run (or any luck). Bowling is good, body improving each game, but need to focus far more on my batting.

2024 Season Week Six: May 6th – May 12th

I know the season has started but somehow that message hasn’t got through to my brain and feet because I am batting horribly!!! I feel good mentally opening, but I am just not playing well. Without doubt I have had more than my fair share of bad luck so far: LBW to a ball that left a bruise half way up my thigh when I was missed a pull which simply had to be going over the stumps as the bruise is about 3 inches higher than the stumps!!! Then another LBW when my left leg was outside leg stump. Through in a couple of balls that have shot along the ground and you have a pretty horrendous start!

Of course if I had got my bat on them all none of that would have mattered but I think the move up to opening has made be ultra cautions and I am not getting forward, or getting bat on ball.

Naturally I like to get bat on ball and attack, and opening is far from my natural comfort zone, but I want and need to do it this year to get used to building an innings, spending time and the crease and to help the Development Teams at Church Eaton

It would be nice to win a game as well!

Wednesday I played for XL West Midlands against Kings School Worcester, and we were thrashed. I played as a bowler, batting at 11 for the first time since I started playing senior cricket at Barlaston 47 years ago!! Went in at 79 – 9, walked off at 79 -9, LBW to the one that pitched outside leg. The ball went on to brush the stumps but not dislodge a bail and there was a stifled appeal so all very confusing. No surprise they knocked them off in about 6 overs and we all went home early.

Lovely tea …… to look at, as once again no vegan option at all.

No nets on Thursday as was playing golf, which was the first time in a very long time we played in the sun. Lovely day out and when I slow the swing down and only take the club ¾ back I hit it really well. As with my batting is more a case of staying focussed and disciplined and curbing my natural instinct – a lack of practice in both sports has not helped!

Saturday Church Eaton 2s were bowled out for around 40, and they knocked them off in 3 overs – horrific from all of us with the exception of one youngster playing his first senior game and batted for 50+ balls – a lesson to us all, especially me!

Sunday Church Eaton XI looked like they were going the same way until above youngster completed a great weekend with an undefeated 30+ along with another youngster who together put on over 50. 143 was actually a pretty good total but we stated poorly with the ball, their opener had a field day, and we did well to take the game so deep. 3 wickets was a welcome end to what was a really poor weekends cricket.

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