Disc Library 1.5


DiskLibrary 1.5 is a fun and easy to use media cataloging application for Mac OS X .
DiskLibrary is indispensable if you have a lot of media to keep track of. DiskLibrary catalogs not just your complete file structure, it also creates thumbnails, and stores metadata, for most popular media formats.”

Applications like this are a little ironic in my opinion. Upon ‘switching’ one of the hardest things I had to get used to with the Mac was in letting OS X take over from my imbedded anal file management structure from years (and years) of Windows (ab)use! When I have just about got comfortable with letting the Mac put things where it wants and then using the excellent search options to find it, along come a host of (excellent) file management applications, like Disk Library.

I had no issues setting it up and importing the media from the various volumes – either as a Catalog or a Smart Catalog. The thumbnail was neat and the file information useful. I must confess though that once it was set up I didn’t find myself getting drawn back to use it on a regular basis. That undoubtedly is more a function of how I am rather than than a weakness with the application, which is very effective with a nice interface. So if you really need to know exactly what media you have on your Mac at any one time this is a good application for you to look at.

DiskLibrary Features

* Create Thumbnails

Where most cataloging applications stop DiskLibrary continues. Create beautiful thumbnails for your media files. Most popular image and movie formats are supported including leading RAW and Photoshop formats. DiskLibrary also catalogs the album art stored inside your MP3 or AAC files. View the title page of your PDF files as a thumbnail.

* Catalog Metadata

Gather metadata like AAC/MP3 tags, XMP/EXIF/IPTC image info, PDF info, Word/RTF document info and movie metadata.

* Smart Folders

Use smart catalog folders to store search results just like iTunes.

* Clear and Easy User Interface

Why spread the information over 3 or more windows when you can have it all in one? DiskLibrary is designed with one goal in mind: to make the application fun and easy to use. The choice is yours!

* Look inside archives

Files and folders contained within ZIP or RAR files will be made visible just like regular ones.

* Advance Search

Search in all catalogs for files based on file name, date, category, metadata, size, etc.

* Drag and Drop Support

Drag and drop files from DiskLibrary to the finder or other applications. Drag and drop images to DiskLibrary to replace thumbnails.

* Import Third-Party Catalogs

Import CDFinder and DiskTracker export files

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