Disc Order 2.5

Disk Order ($23) makes file management easy, fast and fun on your Mac . It allows to save time on every step and gives you great ‘file-management power’.icon.png

Disk Order is an advanced Finder replacement with built-in FTP client and ability to handle archives like plain folders. This makes file management much easier and faster then it has been before, because now you won’t have to launch separate application to connect to FTP server, to batch rename files, or to extract some data out of .zip, .gz, .tgz archives. All these tasks may be performed withing Disk Order with just few mouse clicks. Also, Disk Order offer all usual features, such as Get Info, Copy/Move/Delete, View, Edit and so on. Disk Order is fast and stable, works great on both Intel-based and PowerPC macs.

When I first started using Macs after way too many years only using a Windows PC I had to adjust to a less organised way of working. With Windows I was particular;y anal about the way I named, filed, and archived my documents. I like hierarchical filing structures, and although it was very time consuming I always felt comfortable knowing where everything was.

With the Mac that isn’t the case. A real strength of the Mac is that it is so easy to search for your information that you don’t really need to worry about where everything is. That is fine, except that Finder is horrible. I hate it – it doesn’t remember your preferences and moving things about isn’t exactly fun. Now for many that wont be a problem, but personally I am always moving pictures, movies, documents etc around to free up disc space, ‘improve’ the way that things are organised, back ups etc. As such I have found Disk Order to be a real joy to use.

In particular I liked the interface in general, the tabs in particular. The ‘Multi-Rename’ option was really good, especially for all the photographs that I have. The built in FTP client was really easy to set up and easy to use. The fact that it was integrated into the application so well makes it easier to use somehow that other FTP clients.

Another feature that I really like is the fact that it recognises your iPod(s) as external drives so if you use your iPod for notes at all it is a really easy way to manage the transfer of information.

A really great application that I am already using all the time.

Key Features

* Tabbed interface
* Copy/Move/Delete/Link operations
* Built-in Viewer (viewing html, rtf, mov, mp3, jpg, gif, tiff etc.)
* Built-in Editor
* Built-in FTP-client (create, upload, download, CHMOD, transfer mode, encodings, viewing files and so on…)
* Multi-Rename Tool
* Archives support (tar, gz, tgz, bz, bz2, tbz, zip)
* Sophisticated Drag’n-Drop
* Color Marking support
* System Index Utilizing Search
* Command Line
* Plug-in architecture (Terminal window, Burn CDs, Zip, Unzip, Untar etc.)
* Very usable interface (Eject buttons by volume names and FTP sessions, customizable toolbar, Drives panel)
* Customizable main menu shortcuts
* Two file selection modes (Mac native and Norton-Commander-like)
* Compare Directories, wildcard selection

What’s New

* Advanced view modes added (File list, outline and thumbnails).
* Completely reviwed tabs (They can have different view modes, selection and colum sizes… Everything is remembered!)
* Updated and improved Search function (Now you can easily open as many Search tabs as you want and quickly switch between them.)
* Different sorting modes added (Sort as Finder, sort only files, sort files and folders.)
* Automatic folders update. (You won’t have to manually update file listing for newly created items. It’s all automatic now!)
* Optimized for Intel processors. (You definetly have to see the speed of Disk Order on Intel-based iMacs and MacBooks.)
* Preferences window is now much better looking with nice icons for different sections.
* New stylish icon!
* Many Intel-related bugs fixed (Your super fast Intel processor will run Disk Order flawlessly.)

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