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DiscoApp currently $14.95 header.jpg isn’t for the light hearted, or for those who just want to copy some files to CD from time to time as a back up or to “share” with a friend. As such it probably isn’t for the majority of people.

It is one of those applications that has already been a success of what seems to be a new generation of teaser/virul marketing campaigns. These are great, although they could become “old hat” pretty quickly if they are overdone – a little like the current influx of “free apps” giveaways! Here’s to a “give away free” Q1 of 2007 :-). I have to admit that I find the design incredibly cool, the dock icon is excellent, the DMG volume is a cool black with logo, and the site and weblog are really well laid out.

It comes from the guys that gave us AppZapper which sits on most peoples Mac Top 20 application lists, so you know it is going to well thought out and structured.

By way of example take a look at the preferences that they give you:


I will provide the specifications for you, but I really do suggest that you head over and give the site a really good look.

* Create CDs and DVDs from selected files
* Create MP3 CDs
* Support for CD/DVD-RW disc burning and erasing
* Create Audio CDs from non iTunes purchased Quicktime supported audio
* Create CDs based of any of the following disc images: IMG, ISO, DMG, CUE/BIN
* Create CD/DVDs based on the following file systems: Hybrid, HFS+, UDF, PC Joliet, ISO 9660
* Support for Apple supported external and internal CD/DVD burners
* Easy one to one copies
* CD multi session support

* Create following disc images: CDR, ISO, DMG from selected files
* Create discs images from discs

* Divides any number of files across multiple discs when the files won’t fit on one single disc

* Instantly search disc database on: Name, Disc Name, and Path
* Automatically index all burned media.
* Automatically index all created disc images.

General requirements
* Mac OS X 10.4.3+

Smoke requirements
* Non Nvidia graphics card that has floating point texture support

An awful lot of this stuff goes straight over my head, and I have to be honest and say that on a regular basis I will probably only use about 25% of the applications functionality – but wow, what a great 25% that will be. For the serious guys I have little doubt that this will very quickly become an indispensable part of their set ups, for the rest of us i would say “handle with care”, it could well be more than you need.

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  1. Wayne LeFevre

    🙁 I’ve been using and enjoying Disco since the pre-beta. But it says my little Mac Mini is “Under age” and won’t let it smoke.

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