Dry January: 35th Year

Here we go again, my 35th Dry January in a row! If ever a sentence made me feel old. I can remember the first year I went dry, my first year at work at ICL, following on from my first Christmas combining work parties and parties at home, you know back in the days when we were allowed them.

In the early years I needed the month off to lose the weight I had put on. Subsequent years it became more of a habit, then a necessity when the drinking became a bad habit.

Of late it has been more a “thing I do” and I can’t see any reason to stop. This year I am extending the month to 100 days as part of my much needed off season rehab and fitness push which is much needed if I am to achieve my cricketing aspirations: Barlaston Cricket Club Regular, Senior County and Heaven Help Us Cricket Club.

I am more and more inclined as the years go by to stop drinking, if not all together, then for all but a few occasions a year: birthdays and anniversary meals, a day out at the cricket, maybe a whisky once in a while.

We will see, for now not drinking over the next 100 days will be far the easiest aspect of the fitness plan I have to stick to. It is going to be a very painful 100 days to say the least, but much needed both in terms of above cricketing aspirations and preparing the old body for what is really the next stage of my life: old age.

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