DSLR – Body v Lens

Many thanks to everybody that has been in touch since last week. Narrowly it would seem that the majority advise focussing on the lens (or should I say the ‘glass’!)

The fundamental rational seems to be that initially I wont use the more advanced features of the camera body, and in all probability I will upgrade it in a year or so, but that a really high quality lens will not only significantly improve my initial efforts, but it will live with me through any future body upgrades.

My ‘problem’ is that whilst I see the logic in this to some extent, my emotional rationale goes something like this:

Given my personality I know that I will want to add more and more lenses to my collection over time, that I probably wont use that much. Psychologically I don’t want to be entering into this decision accepting that I will be upgrading the (expensive) body in a relatively short period of time. In all reality when the initial purchase is broken down the body will still be the most expensive single item, so shouldn’t it be the priority?

Initially I anticipate that I will use the DSLR as a ‘super’ point and shoot until I get used to it, so start up time, megapixels, rapid fire shooting are all going to be important to me. I want to really explore what the camera can do, not become ‘dependent’ on the lens or the software, so I am going to look to get the best camera body that I can afford/justify.

I appreciate that it may not be the most logical, or the ‘accepted’ approach, but it is the one that sits best with me. So we are making progress.

Now I just need to work out which body I want! As ever suggestions really appreciated.

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