Facebook Dilemma

I am not a huge Facebook user, but I have started looking at it again with a view to helping out with a 2009 project that I have in mind.

Anyway last night I came across the name of someone that I knew a long time ago, recognized the photo, so 100% sure it is them. Problem is that most of the time they were really boring, so I don’t want to add them as a friend straight away. Would like to take a look at some of their recent stuff on their Wall to see if they are still dull ……

Seems to me that it would be ‘wrong’ to add them as a friend and then find out and unsubscribe straight away, and I don’t want to be stuck with them as a friend if they are dull!

What is the best thing to do in this situation?

5 thoughts on “Facebook Dilemma

  1. jeremy

    Mac has a point. You are not obliged to interact all the time. I don’t often go to my Facebook, to be honest I don’t know why I even go there, Facebook is a train wreck of a site.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well yes, but don’t you think it would be rude/strange to go to all the trouble of finding them, inviting them to be friend and then dumping them straight away?

    Seems like a ‘preview’ facility would be really helpful!!!

  3. Wayne LeFevre

    I wouldn’t add them. I’ve gotten in contact with a lot of people I knew back in the Air Force days, and even back into high school. A few of them I wouldn’t really have given them the time of day back then. A couple were really good friends.

    Problem is, especially with Facebook, is it seems that you have to spend more and more time there! Right now I think I show 1 new request, 3 friend suggestions, and 63 other requests!

    It’s a neat site to track and find old friends and allies. Unfortunately, most times, especially with new users, they think they have to constantly poke you, or bite you, or send you this plant or that zombie. It winds up being overwhelming and pretty soon you start ignoring all or most of it. Then those that have just one or two friends think your ignoring just them and it turns out worse than when you started.

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Am not a big fan or user of Facebook for sure, so tend to agree with you.

    Just wish there was a way of seeing what they say on their wall without becoming a ‘friend’ …

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