Fashion Batteries!

This Press Release caught my eye and made me smile! They look fun to say the least.


London, UK, 1st April 2007, Moixa Energy, the renewable and portable energy solution specialist announced today a plan to launch a designer range of coloured USBCELL batteries to address the increasingly fashion conscious battery consumer.

Design Director – Verity Wright, commented “With virtually every other portable company launching fashionable pastel coloured products, it’s about time the Billions of AA Batteries inside caught up with the design and fashion concerns of modern consumers”. Consumer registration for specific colours – opens at on 1st April 2007.

Since USBCELL Rechargeable batteries, can be re-used and recharged hundreds of times from USB ports, Moixa Energy is increasingly concerned that users should have batteries that match their equally fashionable computer, audio accessories and outfits.

CEO, Simon Daniel commented “Our USBCELL batteries are for life, and not thrown away like other alkaline cells after a single use at Christmas. With over 15 billion batteries needlessly manufactured (causing significant carbon emissions) and thrown away into Landfill each year, the world needs to adopt more sustainable and usable products like the USBCELL”.

Daniel continues: “We’re also working on a range of Tartan designs for our Scottish customers, Camouflage versions for the Military, and offer an open invitation to the worlds leading fashion designers to work with us on exclusive designer ranges”.

The USBCELL battery category was launched at the end of 2006, and is now one of the worlds most visited battery companies online, and USBCELL AA products are now available to over 50 countries.

The USBCELL AA battery was recently commended as a finalist for best product design of 2006 by Design Week – but was narrowly beaten by a product known as the Ipod Shuffle produced by a US company called Apple which took the top spot after a fierce discussion between judges.

USBCELL has received considerable international press as a leading sustainable innovation that makes it easier for consumers to recharge anywhere without a cable or charger and has appeared on the front page of papers such as USA Today, as well as in the WSJ, FT, ABC News, Stern, Playboy, Vogue and thousands of blogs and other technology and news publications. It also appears this month AARP magazine (the worlds largest circulation magazine) – which demonstrates the universal appeal and benefit of this new battery category across all ages, geographies and sectors. Over 200 countries, including the Vatican, have visited since the UK launch on Sept 19th 2006. A full range of USBCELL formats from AA, AAA, 9V batteries and custom batteries for phones and portable gaming/camera devices is planned.
For further information on the USBCELL range please visit:

2-Cell packs of USBCELL AA Batteries are currently available from $19.95/£10.99/€17.00 in the US, Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan and are also available from leading online retailers in many geographies, as well as leading high street stores, such as Currys and PC World stores in the UK, with announcements to be made shortly for availability at national chain stores in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan and the Middle East.

Moixa Energy is also undertaking considerable research on other innovative low power technologies to reduce Energy emissions by reducing energy consumption by consumers. If you need any comments/quotes on the new battery technology or how better product design can lead to reduced environmental damage and waste, then feel free to contact their CEO Simon Daniel, who is also a frequent speaker on new technology.
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About Moixa Energy

Moixa Energy Holdings, founded by innovators Simon Daniel & Chris Wright, is a spin-out from Moixa which pioneers advanced portable devices and interfaces. Moixa rethinks market axioms and creates new technology and Intellectual Property which it commercialises through licensing, joint ventures or creating new ventures.

Moixa Energy Holdings undertakes R&D and investment in renewable energy and portable power technologies. Our vision is to invent technologies that provide consumers with better solutions for their mobile, office or home power requirements that are more usable, economic and environmental. Moixa aims to transform the need for traditional AC/DC power supply adaptors that are used in consumer electronics equipment. Over 8 billion are in use around the world resulting in considerable energy loss and wasteful production.

The Moixa founder previously invented and licensed PDA folding keyboard technology, which has been used on over 2m products, and is currently licensed by Mobility Electronics – Nasdaq MOBE for their Stowaway line of Folding keyboards, and will also launch in the company’s new Think Outside Sierra folding keyboard for Bluetooth-enabled that was released on September 13th 2006, and is compatible with over 600 smartphones and PDA devices.

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