Finding Photos

Many photographers fell in love with the art while on a vacation, or shortly after returning from one. I am included in that group. My favorite part of family vacations was taking pictures with my 110 camera, and later seeing the pictures.

Unfortunately I don’t travel as much as I would like. I travel less as an adult as I did as a child. What does a travel photographer do, when they can’t get out of their city? They play tourist in their own city (black socks and fanny pack are not required) No place like home, right?

Pick up a local paper on Friday and you will find a listing of events happening in your area, these festivals, car shows, and other events usually have some great picture opportunities. Also try to think of your city if you were visiting, pick up a book or go to your cities convention and visitors Bureau’s website. Usually there will be a list of attractions. In Houston you would find all of our parks, among a lot of other things.

Last weekend I was at a car show that was being held across the street, and this weekend it was an air show. I was able to get some fun shots and never had to leave the greater Houston area.



Don’t let your back yard fence you in, find the photos that are in your city. Have fun and Happy Shooting.

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