Fish & Microchips?

It’s not often I find an article that combines two of my favourite interests. That being Apple products and cooking.

But this article cropped up on a podcast, and I thought it was too irresistible not to share it with you.

Heston Blumenthal the renowned chef and owner of world renowned restaurant The Fat Duck, is famous for his unconventional cooking methods in the kitchen. But now he has the taken the dining experience to even further extremes.

Diners at the 3 Michelin starred restaurant will be served an iPod with the seafood course. Yes, the idea is you listen to the ‘Sound of the Sea’ whilst eating the ‘Fruits of the Sea’. Heston is convinced that this extra sensory stimulation will increase the taste sensation to an even higher level.

Anyway here is the link if you’d like to read the interview in full:

Must close now, I’m off to devour a chicken madras whilst listening to Johnny Cash’s, Ring of Fire.

3 thoughts on “Fish & Microchips?

  1. Nick Young

    lol, went over my head Chris 🙂

    I could see Heston’s wild idea working in certain situations. But in some cases it would be a bit overboard. I don’t think that I could stomach eating a big ol’ slab of steak and listening to cows mooing in a medow, lol. It would be cool to listen to ice cream truck jingles while eating the finest of sobets though!

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