Funny How Things Change

I have spent the last couple of days tagging 3,225 pictures in iPhoto. Whilst incredibly boring it is a good way of making yourself look back on things. I came across a few pictures that I think show really well how things have changed around here in the last year or so.

Sands at PC.JPG

When we first bought the apartment here in Spain it was really only intended as a second home for holidays. We didn’t own any Macs, and as you can see we only had the one Sony Vaio PC. We decided to base ourselves here full time just over two years ago, and then promptly spent a year splitting our time 50/50 between here and Florida, so it is only really now that we are focussing on making this our ‘home’. As this coincides with my love affair, addiction, call it what you will with Mac’s they are playing a pretty integral part in that process.


As you can see the study has changed somewhat over the years, and so has Sands computer:


She now has her own iMac, and her own den to work in and watch TV.

Just thought I would share these with you as they made me smile when I realised just how much our life has now been taken over by Mac’s.

4 thoughts on “Funny How Things Change

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    Way cooler. To comment on the photo tagging, I recently purchased Keyword Manager plugiin for iPhoto. BEST inexpensive purchase yet on a plugin! Highly recommend if you do (or did) a lot of keywording.

  2. MyAppleStuff Post author

    For sure – but maybe that is because we now have our own dens so don’t se each other for big chunks of the day 🙂

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