Going Hollywood

Well maybe that is stretching it a little, but I am going to start adding some video to the site from time to time. Now before you all turn away in disgust they aren’t going to be another set of ‘how to’ type videos or anything, they are just going to reflect occasional stuff that takes place in my life that I think you may enjoy.

And you can’t even blame me totally as when I started publishing videos over on Almerimar Life I got this email from Matt:

don’t know if you saw my Twitter yesterday, but I like your video and think you should consider a video blog

So here you go, the first of probably not many, shows Moreno ‘helping’ with some printing on the new HP C4190 all in one which I have been really pleased with so far.

I am using blip.tv for these as it is free and they automatically push it to iTunes. I am just doing this for fun! Chasing numbers isn’t my thing as you know. I figure that as the site is about my life then some video will fit ok with that. The iTunes feed has still to be approved but if you want to know what it is then here you go:


Or if you want the RSS feed it is:


That’s it enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Going Hollywood

  1. Andy Rudkin

    Nice one Chris, can’t beat a bit of multimedia in this digital age!

    What are you using to shoot your video? I am in the market for a video camera, but I really don’t need any bells and / or whistles… just something to capture the odd family moment etc.


  2. Chris Marshall Post author


    I am currently using a rather old Sony Digital Handycam (DCR-PC5E PAL) that has done a good job so far and still performs really well.

    That said I am going to buy a Panasonic HDC-SD5 either this month or next so I would be more than happy to find a new home for the Sony 🙂

    On the basis that my parents are here next week getting it back to the UK is a pretty easy and cheap option at the moment. I guess the same applies to the US as well as they will be going to Florida in a few week for three months so they could take it with them and post it from there.

  3. Gary

    How clever of you to train Moreno to help deliver the printer output to the delivery tray. I just wonder though why that needs to be at the other side of the room though? 🙂

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    One step at a time, trying to get him to learn how to put a letter in the envelope and take it to the post box 🙂

  5. Dunks

    I always laugh at your Moreno stuff and his blog – got 2 cats myself and they manage to get up to so much mischief!!!!!

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    Cheers. Can honestly say that not a day goes by when he doesn’t surprise me with something new.

    At the moment we are both waiting for Sands to get back in though as she went out earlier and left him locked in a cupboard under the sink in her bathroom 🙁

  7. Mac Sokulski

    How big is that video file? I’ve been playing around and I want to create small files but good quality, not like some youtube stuff.

  8. Dunks

    LOL!!! I came home yesterday hear a muffled Miaow. Thought the cat was outside and as i was sorting our toddlers food out thought I’d leave the cat outside. My wife came home and opened her wardrobe door. Cat had been in there all day!

  9. Chris Marshall Post author

    I don’t think Mori could comprehend been left alone all day never mind in a wardrobe. I think the longest he has been left with us bot out is probably 4 hours in the 11 months we have had him.

  10. matt

    cheap entertainment! thanks for sharing, and I hope you keep Moreno out of the room when you are printing anything important 🙂

  11. Chris Marshall Post author

    In case you are interested the iTunes Feed is now working 🙂

    @Matt – can’t remember the last time I printed anything important, in fact can’t recall the last time I did anything important!

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