Happy 7th Birthday Moreno

Wow, our first cat is 7 years old today! Moreno without a shadow of a doubt shaped the way our life is today, and is still very much Number 1 in this house.

Despite all the changes that have happened to his world since he was the only cat (5 other cats and currently Teo) he has remained very much the same. Takes everything in his stride, has been brilliant with the new cats when they arrived, and still loves nothing better than a snuggle with me.

Fleur has latched onto him in the last year or so and they make a lovely couple, but it is very much her that is doing the running! He does have a habit of trimming the whiskers and eyebrows of Fleur, Oscar and Kasper. Only Dusky and Saidi seem to have avoided this ‘treat’.

Very protective of Sands and I he doesn’t really like other people in the apartment (I trained him well) but he has got a little more mellow with age, but it is still very much his world, his rules!

Today will be very much the same as any other day for him. He will do what he wants! No doubt will spend some time on the roof in the sun, then have a relaxing siesta on the bed before moving onto his viewing platforms on the balcony and the TV room. As various stage he will yell to let us know where he is, that he wants attention, or (and he is very clever at this) to tell us that the litter tray is full and he wants it cleaned before he uses it.

When he is ready we will have a couple of snuggles, and he will of course get some fish to share with the other cats.

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