Happy Anniversary & Birthday Saidi (RIP)

Today is the fifteenth (15th) anniversary of when we adopted Saidi and it would have been her eighteenth (18th) birthday. I always say it only seems like yesterday that we lost her and that every day I walk into the bedroom and expect to see her curled up on the dog bed and then to give a little meow and jump up on the bed for a fuss.

At times I think I don’t always feel her loss as much as I should, partly because the Donuts came along so soon after her death, but mainly because I still see her on the dog bed, sitting on my chest, purring away on Sands knees.

I remember her first day with us as if ….. well you know!

She was a beautiful, generous, giving lovely cat and I am so glad that we had her in our lives and for all the sadness today is and always will be an extra special day.

RIP darling, you are missed every day.

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