Happy Anniversary Charmin

Charmin has been living with my parents for five (5) years today. It is impossible to think of a more purrfect cat for them.

His day starts around 4am when he waked my father up or a play aka fight before jumping on the bed and going back to sleep.

He likes to getup when my father does and go and explore the garden, but he then tends to go back to bed to sleep with mum until she wakes up.

She gives him his breakfast, then it’s off into the garden again before a kip in his bed by the radiator.

Afternoons he spends in the conservatory, garden and lounge before settling down in front of the TV with them.

He goes to bed when mum does, has a snuggle and then heads off to find a warm spot.

I am so proud of him and them, and one of the best things of being back in the UK is I get to see him several times a week rather than every six weeks. He is special boy indeed and it was a fate for sure that brought them all together.

A very handsome boy indeed
He really couldn’t be a better cat for my parents, He loves being with them and has a strange habit of positioning himself equal distance from other people in the room.
Very gentle and not at all destructive he has been great for both my parents, but in recent years especially my mother.
No way could we allow any of our cats anywhere near Lego!
He has many favourite sleeping places but love seeing him on my old bed as that is where it all began, the night he stopped over before he was due to be taken to Spain.

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