Happy Anniversary Dinky Donuts

It is a year today that Sands brought Dinky and her Donuts (Cody, Evie, Millie, Ferdi and Xavi) into our lives, and it must be one of the quickest years ever!!

Dinky remains a bit remote and nervous but she uses all the Cottage, sleeps on the windowsill and will let us stroke her. She loves the garden and rushed out in the morning with the rest of them. She is fully integrated, very comfortable in her home and has made friends with Marti, Moreno and even Kasper. She still spends a lot of time with Evie and Millie but we see a lot of her and couldn’t be happier with the way she is developing.

The Donuts are simply brilliant. Very much a family, they are all strong individuals and very much at home here.

A day old with Dinky who was absolutely brilliant with them in their first home: a cage in the laundry room.
Their second home: the office where they had the free run and were integrated with the other cats, well I say integrated we just opened the door and they all got on straight away.
All the original cats have been brilliant with them but no surprise that Moreno and Mart have been their main mates: Grandpa and Daddy!!
The boys Cody, Xavi and Ferdi very much at home and as with all of them, using every part of the house and every bit of pet stuff.

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