Happy Anniversary Dusky

It is ten years since we walked along the beach in Spain and spotted a small, black, fluffy kitten – Dusky!

A large pud he is the most gentle of cats: gets on with all the other cats, but is very happy doing his own thing, at his own pace in his own way. Not a big fan of a fuss he likes a head scratch and is generally on the bed when we go to bed for a bit of a attention and then he is off – chatting away to himself, which is something he does pretty much non stop.

Will never know why we decided to walk along the beach on that day, at that time as we have never done it before, nor what made me look down where and when I did, bit will forever be grateful that I did as he is the most remarkable cat who has enriched our lives tremendously!

Cute, fluffy and it transpired full of fungus which he shared with us all!
Extremely Handsome Boy
Waiting Patiently For Treats

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