Happy Anniversary Dusky

So it is is eleven (11) years today that Sands and I went for a early evening walk on the beach and came back with a small, black, purring kitten – Dusky. I heard a meow, looked down and there he was. Sands carried him home, he purred all the way and that as they say was that.

Eleven years later he is still black, still purrs, chats all the time but is not so little.

A very very gentle pud of a cat he ambles around chatting to himself all day. He has never been a lap cat or into being fussed but he regularly jumps on the bed to say hi and does love a head scratch.

Remains best mates with Kasper, but also spends a lot of time with the Donuts.

So cute on day one and so also full of fungus as it happens!
A little larger, still cute and no fungus!
Very handsome, no longer small
Laid back and enjoying the sun on his somewhat large tummy!

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