Happy Anniversary Fleur

Birthdays are great but the really special day with a rescue animal is the day it entered your life, and that is what happened four (4) years ago today with little Fleur.

Alerted to her plight (she was stuck in a high walled garden, unable to get out, with the skeletal remains of her sibling), we think the two of them were dropped by their mother who was unable to return for them.

Fleur had a severely broken back leg, which initially looked like it would need to be amputated.

We decided that we would try and save it for her, and that in the event that she had to have it removed we would give her a home.

Of course she recovered, we kept her and she has gone on to be the self appointed ‘Office cat’, wife to Moreno and a right stroppy little cow at times!

She is the most nervous of the cats, gets on great with all the others and with Sands and I but isn’t at all happy when anybody else is the apartment (nor I am come to that), and is the most cautious of the cats around the dogs (Tigra on particular) but she is getting better all the time and will now sleep on the same sofa as them.

She is not a fan of prawns, so white fish will be her treat. Rather like Dusky she takes her time so she too has a special place that she likes to eat her treats.

Happy Anniversary pretty ‘Office Cat’, hope we have many many more together.


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