Happy Anniversary Fleur

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Five (5) years ago today Sands and I were in the bar (no huge surprise there) when she got got a phone call about two abandoned kittens, one dead, one severely injured.

Off she went to find the two kittens in a enclosed garden of a friends rental house. Best guess is that the mother dropped them, couldn’t return for them and one kitten had died and one (Fleur) had a really badly broken back leg.

Nursed overnight Sands took her to Miguel and the Xray revealed a snapped and split bone: not good and there was talk of putting her to sleep (not an option) or amputation (not ideal). Miguel did say there was a chance the leg could be saved but it required a pin and a month of virtually no movement.

We went with this option so committing ourselves to a month where one of us was at home with Fleur all the time. She could move around (try stopping her) but we had to keep an eye on the pin and keep pushing it back into place.

Bless her, not once did she complain!

From the very beginning Sands and I took the view that we would get her better and then see about finding her a home, and if she had to have the leg amputated we would keep her. As usual the decision was made for us: during her recovery a) we fell in love with her, and b) she fell in love with Moreno.

Five (5) years later and the leg is doing well, as indeed is she. While she is without doubt the most nervous of the cats she is totally comfortable with both Sands and I, and is very much part of ‘Team Mor’ i.e. Moreno, Oscar and Fleur. She is very independent and took the longest to accept the dogs, but she is on full form these days enjoying the roof, balcony, TV room and her own personal domain ….. The Office.

She is not a fan of prawns, but likes white fish, dried chicken treats and ham, so that will be on the menu today.

Happy Anniversary sweet beautiful Fleur, so so happy that you (and your leg) made it!!!

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