Happy Anniversary Fleur

Seven (7) years ago today we were in a local bar when Sands got a call about an injured kitten. A little later she came back with little Fleur, who had a really bad break on her rear leg.

Have written about her injury lots of times but suffice to say that having nursed her back t health, watched her fall totally in love with Moreno she wasn’t going anywhere.

She remains a timid little lady, very much in love with Moreno, and over the years increasingly comfortable with the other cats and dogs.

We call her Office Cat as she is very much in charge of my chair!!! She loves the roof, is not a fan of prawns, and is such a pretty lady.

She struggled a little when we first got the dogs, but right now I think she is as happy and content as she has ever been.

It has been a wonderful seven (7) years with her in our life!

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