Happy Anniversary Fleur

Nine (9) years ago today Fleur aka Office Cat entered our lives.

Sands was contacted about a badly damaged kitten and a dead kitten, trapped in a walled garden.

She brought Fleur home, and subsequent visit to vet showed a badly fractured rear leg. Amputation was a distinct possibility, but we opted for complicated surgery, followed by a six (6) week period of rehab where we never left her alone, ensuring one of us was with her at all times.

Timid and nervous still, she remains Morenos girl, and very much part of Team Mori (Oscar is the third member), but she does seem rather keen on young Marti!!

Since we moved to the UK she has lost weight (in a good way as she much more active). She has her spot on the Office, but has started sleeping on our bed at night, and is very content with the garden ….. if not the weather.

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