Happy Anniversary Fleur

Ten (10) years ago today Sands got a call about a injured cat trapped in a friends rental properties garden. She had a badly broken leg, and a dead sibling with her, so it seems most likely that the mother couldn’t make it back to her and Fleur damaged herself trying to escape.

She is still a very timid cat, but she adores Moreno and since we have been in the UK she has started to sleep most nights on the bed wedged between Moreno any myself, although when Moreno moves she often stays curled up with me.

In Spain she was pretty static spending most of her time on the balcony or in the office but here in the UK she moves around lots more, is spending more and more time in the Garden, and has sussed out all the best suntraps.

Best of all though is that she actively asks for a fuss these days ….

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