Happy Anniversary Fleur

Eleven years ago today I was in a mates bar in Spain with Sands when she got a call about a dead kitten and an injured kitten that had been found in a friends rental property. Off she went, and back she came with a badly injured Fleur (her rear right leg was shattered and the initial prognosis was amputation).

She is still a nervous little thing and keeps herself to herself as far as visitors are concerned, and she can be a right little madam with new cats initially, but she gets on with them all, and remains totally besotted with Moreno. They both sleep in the crook of my arm every night, but she does like to come under the duvet if you make a bridge with your legs!

Since she came to the UK she has become far more active and interactive and has lost her tummy. She spends her time between the Dressing Room, Bedroom and Office, with the occasional venture downstairs into the garden.

Safe! Her first night with us and Moreno already looking out for her. She has been ‘his girl’ ever since!
Post operation. For six weeks either Sands or myself stayed with her when she wasn’t in her cage at night to ensure the pin didn’t come out. I had to manipulate it back in several times but she was a brilliant patient.
Such a pretty girl, she loved the roof in Spain.
Christmas Card Pretty
She loves the garden here in the UK
After all these years still never happier than when she is with her man!

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