Happy Anniversary Hollie

Hard to believe that it is only four (4) years since we adopted Hollie as she seems to have been with us for longer than that, yet at the same time despite being very settled with us indeed, there is a vulnerability about the way she still seems so grateful for things.

This does not stop her being a demanding madam at times, but she such a sweet nature and personality. She loves the cats and the dogs, loves her sofa, bed and a cuddle and absolutely adores her walks on Cannock Chase where she is loved by everyone that comes across her.

Her paw is still not healed and we have accepted it never will be. It is rather frustrating but it just wouldn’t heal without keeping her off her paw for months and we decided that as he is in no pain and it really doesn’t effect her life adversely it wasn’t worth putting her through that. She has it bandaged when she walks for protection but the rest of the time she has access to it and when necessary she hops!

Beautiful and sweet natured
She was absolutely fascinated with the kittens (Xavi)
Loves the cats (Ferdi)
Happy to share (Marti)
Binxy (neighbours cat now loved) would keep her occupied for ages!
Very much one of the gang!
She loves a tummy rub!

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