Happy Anniversary Hollie

We have had Hollie five (5) years today and whilst certainly not planned I wouldn’t want a life without her. She is such a lovely, gentle, funny dog who just wants to be loved, fed, watered and walked.

Impossible to walk with her without everyone wanting to stop and say hello, not that she gives people a chance as she just plonks herself down in front of them.

Her paw never healed but she is fine with it. Hops around the house a little and has it bandaged when she walks. She has been on YouMove for a while now and that actually seems to have helped with the growth of new tissue so we may yet get her sorted but it isn’t an issue. She is not restricted or in pain: oves her walks, runs and paddles, enjoys the garden but think her best thing is a morning cuddle when she crawls up the bed and snuggles between us.

Everybody loves Hollie
Loves her walks on Cannock Chase but by far her favourite place is Formby Beach
Very much at home and one of the gang
Happy to share and so gentle.

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