Happy Anniversary Kasper

Nine (9) years today Kasper entered our lives. I was on a pet transport so Sands had the task of hand feeding him, then I took over when I got back as she was coming to the UK for a couple of weeks.

Initially he was going to the UK to live with the people who had found him tied up outside a market, but during those ten days a) he became good mates with Dusky and b) he became a Daddy’s Boy!

Since we have been back in the UK he has become much calmer and has accepted Dinky and the Donuts well and no longer picks on Tobi. He has never been aggressive, just nervous and as a result has been a tad over zealous in the past.

Maybe just a little older as well.

He spends the night curled up on the bed between my legs, then after his early morning stroll around the garden if I am back in bed he will come and lie on my chest. He always pops into the office if I am ever ‘working’ and 6pm he pops into the kitchen for a treat. In the evenings he likes to lie on my knee watching TV.

So very very happy we kept him!!!

Love at first sight
You can guarantee that whenever I have a bath if I sit on the bed afterwards he is straight in for a snuggle, this time with Moreno who taught him this!
Waiting for me to finish my bath!
He has always had a thing about siting across my shoulders
Practice makes purrfect
Keeping me company in the office
Post bath, very proud of himself

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