Happy Anniversary Marti

Five (5) years ago we adopted Marti, partly because he has always lived with dogs and we wanted to have a young kitten to grow up with Tito who we were in the process of adopting, but also to be a play mate for young Tobi who we had just adopted.

It could not have worked out better. Marti is the friendliest cat possible. He loves all dogs, people and cats and will happily sit on a visitors knee on first meetings, rushes to the gate (he is an honorary dog!) to greet us and gets on with all the cats, and of course us!

He really is an amazing cat and we are so fortunate to have him.

Exploring the roof on his first day with us
Best of friends (Tobi) since day one
With his mate Tito
We knew we were going to lose Teo, but Marti was great with him.
I love this photo of Tito and Marti keeping a sick Teo company
With Tito and Hollie
Saying hi to a nervous Galgo we did an emergency transport for which included a couple of hours in the Cottage
No surprise he has become a great Uncle to the Donuts (Ferdi)

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