Happy Anniversary Marti

Six (6) years ago today Marti came to live with us, and what an amazing six years they have been. It is hard to know where to start describing him to be honest as he is truly remarkable: loves Tobi with all his heart, but gets on with every single cat really well, loves the dogs and is comfortable snuggling up to them. Loves a snuggle in our bed during the winter, and to sit on our knee at night watching TV. Says hello to any visitor, delivery person or person doing work around the house, rushes to the gate like a fourth dog.

He is such a happy cat and such a joy to be around. We adopted him in the hope that he would be friends with both Tobi and Tito in particular and he has done his job brilliantly and then we adopted Dinky and the Donuts and has been a total star with them.

Fair to say he was at home from Day One
Best friends within an hour of meeting each other
Never far apart, literally!
Two peas in a pod
A little older. A little bigger. Still joined at the hip!
Brought up in a foster home with dogs he has always been comfortable with them and he would spend lots of time with Teo during his last month or so.
With Tito, they grew up together as we got them within a week of each other
Uncle Marti, brilliant with the Donuts from Day One
He spends a lot of time snuggled up with us in bed

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