Happy Anniversary Moreno

Hard to believe that fifteen (15) years ago today we brought Moreno into the apartment, and our lives changed beyond our imagination! The re-homing and transport project are all down to him. The 15 years in Spain, are all down to him. Saidi (RIP), Orla (RIP), Oscar, Fleur, Dusky, Kasper, Teo (RIP), Tigra, Sophie (RIP), Tobi, Marti, Tito, Dinky, Cody, Ferdi, Millie, Evie and Xavi are all down to him.

He is beyond amazing. For just over a year we only had him and to say we bonded would be an understatement. I absolutely adore him and am so thankful that we still have him. We had a scare last Christmas but he is over that and apart from a little arthritis and old age he remains ‘Our Mori’.

His (and our) day starts around 5am when he lets us know in no uncertain terms that he wants the tap turning on in the bathroom and some of his biscuits. He sleeps curled up in my arm in the winter and at the foot of the bed in the summer. After water and biscuits he usually has a little stroll and then comes back to bed to lie on my chest or in my arms for a snooze.

He has some chicken treats in bed, then goes to pursue his domain which takes in the kitchen where he has his YuMove in some mousse before heading for the Summer House and a kip.

He tends to spend the afternoon upstairs in a variety of places: windowsill, radiator bed, dog bed or under the bed. He is never far away from Fleur, but the fact is all the cats love him and he has been brilliant with them all.

In the evening he tends to join us downstairs in the lounge before a turn around the garden and by the time I get upstairs he is back on the bed waiting for a last snack and a drink from the bathroom tap before sleep.

First night: he had some food, used the litter tray and then sat on me and we had our first of god knows how many snuggles.
He was, literally, into everything as a young man!
Not being sick, just exploring.
Was never far from either of us.
Incredibly cute
And very handsome!
We have spent hours like this.
15 years later and still into everything
Still handsome
And still snuggling!

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