Happy Anniversary Moreno

Sixteen (16) years ago today Moreno entered our apartment in Spain and I am not over exaggerating when I say he changed our lives totally.

We had been considering adopting him for a while as had been feeding him in street and stopping to have a fuss with him, but we needed to figure out what we were going to do with regard to where we lived. We decided to sell America, rent England and live in Spain as our base …. the rest as they say!!

Because of Moreno we set up ALStrays Rehoming Transport project which is still going albeit on a much smaller scale for us both but Sands has rehomed 2450 Cats, I have delivered 9160 cats and dogs, driven 0ver 880,000 miles and post Brexit have helped deliver 2150 cats and dog.

More importantly than that we have given homes to 4 dogs and 16 cats, and along with Moreno we still have 3 dogs and 12 other cats.

He is older for sure, a little fragile on his legs but he is 100% still Moreno. Very much in charge of us all, snuggles with me every night, enjoys his garden and has the same old routines that he always has.

An unbelievable 16 years with an unbelievable cat.

16 years ago: we carried up from the street, fed him and then he curled up and started to mother my armpit. He was home and I was besotted.
Loved him straight away
16 and a half now and as handsome as ever
Still snuggling after all these years!!!

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