Happy Anniversary Moreno

I am not exaggerating when I say that 7 years ago today our lives and the lives of hundreds of stray cats and dogs changed for ever. Of course we didn’t know that at the time. We knew that having a cat would mean a change to our lifestyle and that is exactly what we wanted. At the time we were splitting our time between properties in the UK, USA and Spain, and adopting (or being adopted by) Moreno was the catalyst (pun intended) to settle in Spain for the foreseeable future.

We had been feeding Moreno in the street near us and even then he was more interested in being stroked and fussed than food.

Over the years he has been simply brilliant with all the other cats we have fostered or adopted (maybe not so good with Saidi but she is after all his Mum!). The apartment is certainly his domain, but he is generous with it as far as other cats (and now dogs) are concerned, although he still remains very guarded about humans coming in ….. Sanbds remains convinced I have trained him!

As I said he without doubt is the reason that we got involved in re-homing and transporting cats and dogs. To date we have transported over 1500 cats and 400 dogs, and Sands has re-homed over 1,000 cats.

I am driving back from the UK today so Sands will give him his favourite treat of fresh prawns and tonight I will sit on the sofa and have a snuggle with him and reflect as I always do on what a truly amazing cat he is and how lucky we (and thousands or other cats and dogs) are that he found his way into our lives.

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  1. ritalnielsen

    I really enjoy your blog. My husband and i live in China with our two dogs. Our Graycat passed two years ago. He survived the journey from the U.S. to China but China got the end of him : ( There are so many Ferrel cats in our compound. I have tried to make friends but there are very skittish. Take good care of your tribe.

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