Happy Anniversary Moreno

Nine (9) years ago we picked Moreno up off the street, having deliberated for ages on whether we were going to take him in and offer him a home. Nothing to do with him, we were already in love with him, but for us it meant giving up a life based around three (3) countries, to live in just one; Spain.

We knew he would change our lives, but we had no idea how much, and to what extent he would change the lives of so many other cats and dogs. Without him we would not have set up the ALStrays Cat Re-Homing Project which has seen Sands re-home over 1500 cats, or the ALStrays Pet Transport business which has transported over 2300 cats and 2000 dogs under both TRACES and the PETS Scheme from Portugal, Bosnia and Spain to France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemberg and the UK.

I have certainly seen more motorways, tolls and service stations as a result, but I do not regret one of the 300,000+ miles that we have done, with the exception that it means I spend too much time away from home, and the life that we have built here surrounded by the cats and dogs.

So today will be focussed even more on this fella: some time up on the roof with his mates enjoying the sun, then some fish for breakfast, a snuggle before settling down for a kip.

He has been simply brilliant with all the animals we have since fostered and adopted and I have nothing but admiration and love for such a special cat.

Bless you Moreno, have (another) great day. We love you so so much x

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