Happy Anniversary Moreno

Today we celebrate TEN (10) years with the truly amazing Moreno in our life!

I really can’t say enough how much this little fella has changed and influenced our lives.

At the time we first came across him in the streets here in Almerimar we were splitting our time between UK, USA and Spain, and in the previous year I had done 56 flights, 20 of which were Transatlantic.

We were ready for (and in need of) a change and had been discussing which country we should make our base. For a while it was looking like Washington (Corporate America was on offer), or Florida where we had a Condo, friends, and a few options business wise.

Adopting Moreno was our decision to base ourselves here in Spain, and the rest as they say is history. Without him we would not:

* Have loved and lost Teo, Sophie, and Orla

* We wouldn’t be sharing our lives with Moreno, Saidi, Oscar, Fleur, Dusky, Kasper, Tigra, Tobi, Marti, and Tito

* We would not have set up ALStrays Re-Homing and Transport which has seen (to date) Sands re-home 1126 cats, and me transport 2606 and 2221 dogs across Europe and the UK.

* We would not have been aware of the tremendous suffering humans inflict on the animals of the world, nor of the amazing people that sacrifice so much to help them.

So Moreno, from Sands and I thank you, and from the thousands of animals that we have been able to help because of you, and their owners thank you as well.

Everyday is special for this amazing cat, but you will get even more attention (snuggles and treats) as you do what you have done since day one all those years ago: bring joy to our lives, and keep a steady eye out for your extended family who love you as much as we do.

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