Happy Anniversary Moreno

Eleven (11) years ago today I carried Moreno off the street, into our apartment and into a whole new life for him, and us!

I am not exaggerating when I say that our life changed for the better the day he entered it, as it did for the 1275 cats that Sands has re-homed to date, for the 3281 cats and 2721 dogs (check out footer on www.alstrays.com for the latest numbers!

If we had not adopted Moreno, we would not have settled in Spain (I was due to go and work in Washington at the time), and we would not have adopted the other cats and dogs nor set up the pet transport business.

He has slowed a little in recent years but is still the boss and despite attempts by Kasper and Marti he is not going to give up his crown anytime soon!

Today he will get all the things he loves and be with all the people and friends he loves: but to be honest that is pretty much the same everyday for my amazing friend.

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