Happy Anniversary Moreno

Today we celebrate twelve (12) years with Moreno in our lives. A little older, a little slower, and far more content to sit and watch the youngsters run around madly he is still very much ‘Our Mori’ and without doubt he still rules the house!

We are both a lot younger in this photo, but this was taken 5 mins after we brought him into the apartment. He just wanted a snuggle and I am delighted to say it’s still a daily occurance with us.


It’s impossible to walk around the apartment and not smile at the impact he has had on it: the places he found to play, the stuff he destroyed, the cats he welcomed.

I am really looking forward to seeing him set out his stall in the UK when we move!

I can’t stress how important Moreno has been to our lives and literally thousands of other cats and dogs.

100% because of him we started the AlStrays Re-Homing & Transport project which to date has seen Sand re-home an amazing 1389 cats, and I have driven 666,238 miles delivering 3545 cats and 2893 dogs.

So many cats, dogs and humans owe their happiness, life and health to this little fella ……

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