Happy Anniversary Moreno

Thirteen (13) years ago Sands and I made the decision to adopt Moreno. We had been thinking about it for some time, so were a tad disappointed when he wasn’t in his ‘usual’ place by the bins where we had been feeding him each morning.

We went back that evening and to our eternal relief he was there. Tail up, ready for a fuss, and to be picked up, but probably not expecting to be carried home and ushered into the bathroom for food, water and a very long cuddle.

He went the vets that evening, came back, used the litter tray and very much made himself at home.

I have said many times he totally changed our lives and the lives of thousands and cats and dogs that we have helped over the years.

Truly, he is a spacial one and of all the days to remember his anniversary is an extra special one!

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