Happy Anniversary Moreno

Fourteen (14) years ago today we picked Moreno up, brought him home, and life changed for ever.

Not just for Sands and I but for Saidi (RIP), Orla (RIP), Oscar, Fleur, Dinky, Kasper, Teo (RIP), Tigra, Sophie (RIP), Tito, Tobi, Moreno, Dinky, Cody, Ferdie, Evie, Millie and Xavi …. Charmin …. and the 1944 cats that Sandra has re-homed to Germany and the 8138 cats and dogs that I have transported.

A little older now, he prefers to be lifted onto the window sill in the bathroom to drink water from the tap, he is still very much Moreno: shouting for attention, having his mad moments, friends with all the cats and dogs, very indulgent of little Fleur and it is no surprise that he has taken Dinky and the Donuts under his wing and spends the day sleeping in the Office with them, and has been licking Dinky and letting her know that life is good.

At night he sleeps curled up in my arm with Fleur until day light when he demands the water on in the bathroom, followed by his chicken treats and then a stroll round the garden.

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