Happy Anniversary Moreno

Six years ago today Sands and I world was turned pretty much on it’s head!

We adopted Moreno, or more accurately he adopted us!

At the time we both knew that it was going to change the way we ran our lives and to be honest a major factor is deciding to give the little fella a home was that it would ground us and make us concentrate on being on place all the time. We were both ready to settle down, but neither of us were ready for what was to come.

Six years on and Moreno has been the catalyst for a sysmic change in our lives. We have set up the ALStrays Re-homing and Transport Project which has seen Sands re-home over 700 cats to Germany, with over 350 of them transported in our own van. In addition we have transported over 200 dogs to new homes in the UK and over 50 dogs to new homes across Germany, Holland and Belgium.

We have six cats of our own now, and lost Orla along the way. We have fostered over 20 cats for varying lengths of time, and we both fully intend to find a way to do even more. We have just bought a new, bigger van, to increase our capacity and Sands has taken on a few more re-homing projects.

Without Moreno we wouldn’t be doing this, so today when we watch him share his prawns with Saidi, Oscar, Fleur, Dusky and Kasper and when he snuggles on the sofa with me this evening not only will we thank him for the joy that he has brought onto our new world, but we will pass on the thanks from all the cats and dogs that we have been able to help because of what he started.

Six Years Ago: Ten minutes after being brought into our life Moreno settled down for his first snuggle

Six Years Later: Both of us love nothing better than a bit of ‘us’ time as he snuggles in.

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