Happy Anniversary Oscar

Oscar aka Big Pud has been with us for thirteen (13) years today, a very lucky 13 for us and it has to be said for Oscar who was saved from drowning in the marina in Almerimar and was then in foster but they had to go away so he came to us for a week or so before going to Germany.

Moreno (having recently lost Orla) enjoyed having a play mate and so he stayed!

Whilst he remains the first ‘pud’ hence Big Pud he is fact the smallest of the Puds, with Tobi been the largest and Dusk in the middle. Donut Ferdi is looking like he is heading towards the club.

Since we have been in the UK Oscar has become a different cat. He was always a happy cat, but now he demands to be on our knees at night on the sofa, sits with visitors and adores being in the garden.

Life is certainly better with Oscar in it!

He has always enjoyed helping, specially when it comes to a Zooplus order
Still best mates with Moreno.
Loves the View
Teaching the Donuts

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