Happy Anniversary Tigra

We have had Tigra for eight (8) years today, and although she is still a little nervous around new people she has developed into a beautiful, nutty, loving, affectionate lady.

Has to be said that she is still daft, but so is Tito so they work well together. She is a little slower these days as age and a few injuries from before we got her have taken their toll but she still loves a run with Tito, and a snuggle with us on the sofa.

Since we have been in the UK she has got far more confident and will happily let guests share her sofa!!!!

A very thin Tigra on her first day with us
Beautiful and remarkably at home straight away
Getting to know Teo who was simply brilliant with her from the beginning
They had an amazing relationship and Teo did her proud in the way he looked after her.
She has always been good with the cats. She had a good relationship with Sophie who we/she lost after a very short time.
Like Tito she loves the cozy beds
On the beach with Tito who has taken over from Teo as her best mate and protector.
Her last run with Teo. So proud of how he protected her and he would be so happy with the way she has turned out.

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