Happy Anniversary Tobi

Five years ago today as we walked Teo from the van to the vets to discuss his treatment options for Lymphoma I heard a small meow, which I tracked down to a small and grubby kitten inside a car engine parked in the street. 90 minutes later I finally had a somewhat feisty little boy in my arms and I rushed into the vets hoping he would not wiggle free.

Welcome Tobi!

He reminded us so much of Sophie and it seemed ‘fate’ as if she had told him to meow when he did (I had heard her meow on the beach and tracked her down to a bush) so there was no way we were not keeping him.

At the time we had decided that we would adopt Marti but hadn’t told the girl who had rescued him so for a while we thought we would just have Tobi, but that seemed unfair on Marti and we thought two cats of the same age may make integration a little easier than it had been for Sophie i.e. she was always pestering the older cats to play. so we went ahead and adopted Marti after a couple of weeks ….. what a great decision.

They are, and remain, best friends. Tobi has gown into a very large pud with a heart of gold, who loves a cuddle, really enjoys the garden, but the best part of his day remains a play and then a kip with Marti.

He spent the afternoon in the vets being checked out then we brought him home after we had been back to collect some meds for Teo.
Meeting Tigra, he has been very happy with the dogs since Day 1.
And the little one said …… he gets on with everyone.
If Teo hadn’t been diagnosed with Lymphoma we would never have been at the vets!
We had been planning on adopting Marti, and decided that we would go ahead as two the same age would take the ‘pressure’ off the older cats. What a great decision!
Five years later, a little larger! A different country but still the best of friends.
He loves the Garden.

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