Happy Birthday & Anniversary Saidi (RIP)

Sweet Saidi would have been seventeen (17) today and it is fourteen (14) years since we adopted her. We lost her in June 2020 and these posts do not get any easier to write.

She was never the most active cat, but she loved a stroke and a fuss on our knees and she was a beautiful lady. She let all the other cats get on with things, but she was the boss and any trouble she would step in.

I miss her every day, and always will, but remain thankful that she had such a long and heathy life and a very quick and painless end. Although it was really hard on us as she was fine on minute and gone an hour later, for her it was the best and that is what matters.

Please check out the photos as they really do show how beautiful she was and how much she loved life.

A few days after she came to live with us and had been sterilised. Such a beautiful lady.
Such a lovely face
She had a slightly complicated relationship with Moreno, her son. She would always rush to defend him if he got into a fight, but most of the time they kept their distance, especially as the gang grew in number. When she first moved in though after a few fraught days the spent a lot of time together.
In the early days we had a gravel area on the roof in Spain and she absolutely loved it, would often come in totally grey with all the dust.
She had a cheeky side which was always a joy to see as living on the street for three years we always felt she had never really had a childhood and learnt to play.
Her first Christmas
She would play on her own, but once another cat turned up she would stop.
Her two favourite things: sunshine and a lap to sit on
She would sit for hours with Sands
Without fail anytime I had a bath she would appear with a little meow and demand to sit on the towel. I so midd her doing this BUT she taught Kasper it seems as he does this now and he also sits on my chest in bed which is something she did after we moved to the UK
Once we moved to the UK she made this bed her own. I still glance down every time I walk into the bedroom and expect to see her. She would give her little meow and jump up on the bed demanding a fuss. She was happy to share the bed with Tito!
She lost weight in the last couple of years of her life but she never stopped being beautiful.
Enjoying the sunshine in her garden.
She loved the sunshine and the garden right up until the end and I am so thankful that we had a good summer for her last one as she enjoyed it so much. A few days after this photo she got up and had her breakfast and a fuss, then went to sleep. When she woke up she had a huge stroke. I held her purring as we took her to the vets who looked after her with the love and care she deserved.

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