Happy Birthday Charmin

Prince Charmin is ten (10) years old today and if ever a cat landed on their paws and was a puurrrfect fit it is this superstar. He has simply been brilliant for my parents who absolutely adore him, and to be fair he adores them and is never far away from them, especially mother who has really benefitted from his company.

A very handsome boy who is totally at home and happy with life.

My parents adore the little man, and he more than repays their love by being just the perfect cat for them.

Growing up we had cats (Smokey, Dinky, Dusky, Sandy Patch and Tiger Lil) and I am so happy that they have a cat again to give them focus and company. Being selfish it is a little like getting my childhood home back, especially when I walk in and he comes rushing up to me and then heads for the rug and a bit of tickle tum …. Charmin that is not my father!!!

He is not a lap cat at all, but he loves to be close and has his routines. Father plays with him, Mother feeds him and he keeps her company on the days she needs a little longer in bed.
Just friends having a chat!
One of my favourite photos as he just seems so content, relaxed and in control and so so much at home!
Loves his garden.

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